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This project is a water quality improvement project along a river basin in Jiangxi Province. The raw water is domestic sewage from urban residents. Shenzhen Evergrande Xingye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional domestic sewage treatment equipment and program service provider. This project provides high-quality Integrated cum-oxygen MBR sewage treatment equipment, used for domestic sewage treatment, and provide station design, equipment installation, water quality debugging and other services. Domestic sewage in residential areas is discharged from various buildings through septic tanks, and then led to the sewage treatment station through the sewage collection pipeline. First, the coarse grid intercepts large floating objects and suspended matter and enters the adjustment tank. The water quality and volume of the sewage are homogenized and adjusted in the adjustment tank, and then the long fiber materials such as hair are removed by the mechanical grid, and the raw water lift pump is lifted into the unit. The facultative MBR sewage treatment equipment is divided into two parts: anoxic zone and facultative oxygen zone. The membrane separation device is immersed and installed in the facultative zone. Various pollutants in the sewage are decomposed or decomposed by microorganisms in the integrated MBR equipment. Conversion, under the action of the negative pressure provided by the suction pump, the treated water is completely separated from the microbial membrane, and the membrane filtered water is discharged after being sterilized by ultraviolet. The integrated facultative MBR sewage treatment equipment adopts the organic combination of biochemical process and MBR membrane process, and uses Mitsubishi Chemical MBR membrane module to replace the secondary settling tank in the traditional process for solid-liquid separation, so as to avoid pollution caused by poor sedimentation of suspended matter. The loss of microorganisms in the mud affects the quality of the effluent. Mitsubishi Chemical’s MBR membrane module can trap activated sludge and macromolecular proteins in the reactor, and continue to use microorganisms to degrade difficult-to-degrade organic matter to ensure that the effluent quality reaches the standard. The following is an introduction to the project of the integrated facultative MBR sewage treatment equipment

Project type: Domestic sewage treatment project for urban residents Water volume: 4000 tons/day

Equipment selection: 5 sets of H3MBR-800 integrated cum-oxygen MBR sewage treatment equipment Equipment size: 2.8*30m Installed power: 37.4KW Water production requirements: National Standard Class A

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