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Evergrande Xingye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Evergrande Xingye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a group company dedicated to environmental engineering design, equipment manufacturing, and system services. The company has a registered capital of 2.01 million yuan and an existing office and plant area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters. The headquarter is located in Red Star, Songgang, Shenzhen....

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Core technologies

Facilitate H3MBR sewage treatment

The facultative H3MBR integrated sewage processor (facultative H3MBR technology) completes denitrification and phosphorus removal through intermittent aeration and intermittent water inflow, removes organic matter, and separates mud and water through membrane modules. Jian oxygen membrane bioreactor (Jan oxygen H3MBR technology) is based on the conventional Mitsubishi MBR technology of Shenzhen Evergrande Xingye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Chemical Company (mesh-hole composite structure, continuous filament, no backwashing, no external cleaning) Based on the new H3MBR process independently researched and developed, the process integrates membrane modules and biological reaction tanks into integrated equipment, including the main reaction zone, equipment zone, clean water zone and corresponding pipeline facilities. The schematic diagram of the facultative H3MBR is shown in Figure 1.1. The main reaction zone includes membrane modules, biological tanks and aeration system. The equipment area is equipped with supporting electrical equipment and system control modules (using PLC control modules and "Hengda Cloud Platform" to achieve Unattended and remote dynamic monitoring). The reactor has completely improved the conventional MBR technology by optimizing and controlling the process parameters. Compared with the conventional MBR, it has the advantages of high efficiency and low consumption, and has successfully established facultative oxygenation, successfully achieved near-zero discharge of organic sludge, and successfully achieved wastewater gasification and removal. Simultaneous denitrification of phosphorus and successful sewage sludge

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Provider of overall technology and service solutions for professional wastewater treatment and reuse
Factory strength
Certification honor

Since the establishment of the company, technology research and development has always been the top priority, and a large amount of manpower and financial resources have been invested, and the payment will eventually pay off. It took 10 years to obtain: my country's high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen high-tech enterprises certification, 3 invention patents, and agency certificates 6 items, 12 software copyright certificates, 26 utility model patent certificates, 3 management system certifications...

Staff lineup

There are more than 20 management personnel and more than 100 employees. They are equipped to provide users with integrated high-quality services of construction project feasibility study consultation, environmental assessment, design, procurement, construction construction, installation, commissioning, construction application acceptance, investment and financing, and operation management. Ability.

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Standardized management is the foundation of the company's survival and development