Is there any difference between commonly used smart integrated devices, some are round and some are

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1. Process characteristics of intelligent integrated equipment:

(1) Facultative oxygen operation: Dissolved oxygen is 0.2~3mg/l, dominated by facultative bacteria, aeration is small, and energy saving.

(2) High load: high sludge concentration, high volume load, and small land occupation. ?

(3) Simultaneous denitrification: facultative simultaneous nitrification and denitrification for denitrification. ?

(4) Phosphorus removal: Phosphorus removal by oxidizing and oxidizing, and phosphorus removal in the form of PH3. ?

(5) Close to zero discharge of sludge: to realize self-digestion in the organic sludge system.

(6) The quality of the effluent water is good: it adopts Japan's Mitsubishi MBR membrane technology (three-layer composite structure, continuous filament, no backwashing, no external cleaning), double-layer PVDF coating filtration, and the surface porosity of the membrane is as high as 90%. Water reuse.

(7) Intelligent integrated equipment saves operating costs: Mitsubishi MBR membrane module has its own aeration system, no backwashing, no external cleaning, long chemical cleaning cycle, and unattended operation.

(8) High degree of automation: due to the use of Mitsubishi MBR membrane technology, no backwashing, external cleaning, greatly simplifies the process, through the PLC control technology, the equipment is highly integrated and intelligent

2. Application scope of intelligent integrated equipment:

Intelligent integrated equipment is used in the construction of beautiful rural water environment, hotel domestic sewage, tourist resort sewage treatment, highway domestic sewage treatment, urban and rural domestic sewage, etc., cylindrical appearance, simple and beautiful, changing the traditional mode, can be ground or buried , It can be integrated into the surrounding environment and become a landscape architecture, becoming a beautiful landscape.

3. Introduction to the quality assurance and service promise of intelligent integrated equipment:

1. Quality Assurance Guarantee for electromechanical equipment Party B promises: the equipment will be guaranteed for one year from the day the equipment enters the factory. If it is a quality problem of the equipment itself, Party B will repair or replace free of charge within the time (within 24 hours); because Party A operates For equipment problems caused by improper or accidental accidents, Party B will also provide corresponding services, and only charge the cost of equipment repair or replacement, and the specific costs shall be negotiated and determined by both parties. The entire treatment system, under the condition of correct operation in accordance with the operation manual provided by Party B, Party B is responsible for ensuring the normal operation of the system and the discharge of wastewater after treatment reaches the standard.

2. Service Commitment

Installation and training:

Party B provides free installation and training to the buyer’s operators in the previous ranking, and Party A sends relevant personnel to receive operation and maintenance training, and the training is carried out at Party A’s site (including equipment and system operation methods).

During installation and on-site training, all expenses of the engineering personnel sent by Party B shall be borne by Party B.

After-sales service:

In terms of management and operator training, Party B will send technical engineers to the site to provide training for Party A, so that the management personnel will be familiar with the entire wastewater treatment system, familiar with the automatic control system, familiar with the equipment operation, and achieve the ability of independent operation and management;

Based on the principle of serving customers and winning the trust of customers, Party B will carry out a one-year follow-up service for the wastewater treatment system. Party A will provide Party A with equipment operation status and opinions to Party B for the specific operation plan, and Party B will promptly provide information to Party A based on the information. The party provides suggestions to solve problems in the operation of the system.

Through the WeChat platform or the "cloud" platform, we can conduct user experience and interaction, share our new technologies and new products, and discover deficiencies in time, make the system more intelligent and humanized, and let users experience the joy of manipulation.

Last:The main reasons that the curtain type MBR membrane module is likely to be blocked in winter are as