Domestic sewage treatment equipment

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1. Product introduction of Evergrande MBR domestic sewage treatment equipment:

Our company produces Evergrande MBR domestic sewage treatment equipment, using Mitsubishi MBR technology (three-layer composite structure, continuous wire, no backwashing, no external cleaning), which is mainly used for the treatment and reuse of domestic sewage; the equipment can be buried completely, It runs automatically without supervision.



 2. Process characteristics of Evergrande MBR domestic sewage treatment equipment:

1. Good effluent water quality: high removal rate of pollutants, strong resistance to sludge expansion, stable and reliable effluent water quality, and no suspended matter in the effluent;

2. Saving operating costs: Due to the long SRT, the bioreactor acts as a "sludge nitrification tank", thereby significantly reducing the sludge output, the remaining sludge output is low, and the sludge treatment cost is low;
3. Less: The MBR process omits secondary sedimentation tanks and disinfection tanks, reducing the area;
4. Exquisite appearance of the equipment: Evergrande MBR integrated sewage treatment equipment, exquisite appearance, harmonious environment, suitable for scenic tourist attractions, five-star hotels, Image projects such as high-end residential quarters.

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