Interpretation of the internal structure of mbr integrated sewage treatment equipment

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In recent years, MBR integrated sewage treatment equipment has been favored by users in sewage treatment projects. The water quality after mbr integrated sewage treatment equipment is good, the rate of compliance is high, and the water quality treated by membrane technology is stable. Today, the editor will take you to understand what the interior of the mbr integrated sewage treatment equipment is like. The figure below is an interpretation of the internal structure of the mbr integrated sewage treatment equipment.

Explanation of internal structure interpretation diagram


The above internal structure interpretation diagram is the 3D internal structure interpretation diagram of the Evergrande Xingye environmental protection mbr integrated sewage treatment equipment . From the internal structure interpretation diagram, we can see the internal structure of the mbr integrated sewage treatment equipment very intuitively . The equipment contains : Anoxic tank, an aeration system is added to the anoxic tank, aeration system is added to the aerobic tank, an aeration system is added to the aerobic tank, a digestion liquid reflux pump, etc., membrane tank, clean water tank, etc.201911291449535706.jpg


1. The mbr integrated sewage treatment equipment independently developed by Evergrande Xingye Environmental Protection only uses "Hengda Cloud" and super remote control, which has long been a life-long flower protector.

2. Oxygenation operation: nitrogen and phosphorus removal, organic matter removal, sludge water separation through membrane modules, and sludge discharge is close to zero.

3. The exterior anti-corrosion of automobile paint can be guaranteed for five years, high-end atmosphere;

4. FRP lining can withstand strong acid and alkali, durable for 20 years;

5. The ingenious appearance design itself is a beautiful scenery, and bid farewell to the "ugly duckling";

6. Using Mitsubishi Chemical MBR as the core of filtration, patented technology is a strong guarantee;

7. Adopt pressure vessel level design with cylindrical appearance, which is more in line with the principle of structural mechanics;

For more than ten years, Evergrande Xingye Environmental Protection has only done one thing, environmental protection, every day, we are tomorrow.

Hengdaxing Environmental Protection Mitsubishi Chemical mbr membrane domestic first-level agent, and independent developer of oxygen h3mbr sewage treatment equipment, if you want to know more about integrated mbr sewage treatment equipment, welcome to inquire.




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